Alicia Silverstone Loves the Name "Bear": Why Not These Names that Mean Bear Instead?

Alicia silverstone baby
Alicia Silverstone makes a unique baby name choice

Alicia Silverstone had her son on May 6 and named him “Bear Blu”, proving again that celebs try to come up with obscure names for their babies like it’s a game or something.

I can understand looking at a newborn and thinking that he looks like a baby bear.  My middle son’s nickname from a very younge age was “Little Bear” and then we changed that nick name to “Bear” when he got a little older. But, that is his nickname, not his given name!

If Alicia Silverstone liked the idea of “Bear” so much, she could have given her son one of these baby names instead- all meaning “bear” or some form of the word:

Arcadius, Armel, Artair, Arthur, Arturo, Barney, Beowolf, Berenger, Berndt, Esben, Espn, Mecho, Nanook, Otso, Preben, Torben, or Uzumati. 

Hmmm, on second thought, maybe Alicia Silverstone made the right choice in sticking with “Bear” for her baby boy. What do you think of Alicia Silverstone’s baby name choice?

Photo: Pacific Coast News