Alicia Silverstone Names Baby "Bear": What Other Hollywood "Baby" Shares Same Name?

alicia silverstone
Alicia Silverstone's Baby Shares Name With Another Famous "Kid"

People out in La-La land just can’t seem to stand giving their children traditional names these days. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon surprised the world with their twins’ names last week, calling them Moroccan and Monroe.

Today, Alicia Silverstone announced on her blog that she and her husband, Chris Jarecki, welcomed their son into the world on May 5th. They gave him the name, “Bear Blu”, which honestly isn’t a huge shock being that these are two of the greenest people on the planet. It seems fitting that their baby is named after an animal, don’t you think?

Alicia and Chris are not the only Hollywood couple with a baby named “Bear.” What other famous couple has a “child” with the same name?

It’s none other than Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who recently adopted a dog together and called him “Bear.”

Somehow the name seems more appropriate for the dog, but that’s only my opinion.

Congrats to Alicia and Chris on the arrival of their new “cub!”

Photo: Pacific Coast News