Alicia Silverstone Shows Off Baby Bear Blu! (Photos)

alicia silverstone baby
Alicia Silverstone and baby Bear Blu.

New photos have just been released of celeb mom Alicia Silverstone cuddling her baby boy, Bear Blu, and he is absolutely adorable! Alicia and her husband, Chris Jarecki, welcomed little Bear into their family back in May, and they seem to be settling nicely into parenthood.

I guess there was never really any doubt that Alicia’s baby would be beautiful, considering just how naturally gorgeous she is. Alicia credits her good looks to a strict vegan diet, something that she is hoping to pass on to baby Bear. So far, he is being raised vegan as well.

Little Bear is no doubt wearing an eco-friendly biodegradable diaper in this photo…we wouldn’t expect anything less from his super green parents!

Here are more photos of Alicia and Bear Blu…both mommy and baby look great!


  • Close Up! 1 of 4
    Close Up!
  • Alicia’s post-baby body looks awesome! 2 of 4
    Alicia's post-baby body looks awesome!
  • Gorgeous Baby! 3 of 4
    Gorgeous Baby!
  • Daddy Duty! 4 of 4
    Daddy Duty!

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