Alicia Silverstone's Husband Christopher Jarecki Is Bear-y Happy To Be A Dad


alicia silverstone, bear blue, christopher jarecki
Christopher Jarecki and his son Bear Blu.

Alicia Silverstone and her husband Christopher Jarecki were overjoyed with the addition of their newborn son Bear Blu on May 5, 2011. And while Alicia shares a very personal bond with her son, now 10-months-old, it’s Christopher who calls fatherhood “the miracle of miracles.”

We all know how the mother/child dynamic is unbreakable, a bond so strong that even Angelina Jolie couldn’t break it up! But not many people get an inside look at the relationship between a father and child. Thanks to Alicia’s husband Christopher, we get that opportunity.

Alicia recently posted a blog entry, written by her husband 8 months ago, about Christopher’s excitement, joy, and utter fascination over the life of his newborn son.

An excerpt from the blog entry goes as follows:

Wow, do I love being a father. Seeing my boy smile, play, and laugh is just the greatest thing in the world. From the moment we wake up, it is just a joy. I love hearing sounds from the other room when Bear and Alicia are hanging out. They talk to each other even though Bear is only four months old. Bear loves me, but he really loves Alicia. They have a crazy special thing. They flirt with each other like crazy.

When my head hits the pillow at night, I’m usually exhausted. I love that feeling – to be exhausted over something you love to do is one of the great feelings in life.

For Jarecki, fatherhood has “grounded him” and made his life that much more “wonderful.”

It’s quite an honor to read such a first-hand account of the first weeks of fatherhood. Alicia calls herself “one lucky mama” for having such a caring, loving, a devoted husband as her son’s father. We couldn’t agree more.

To see Alicia’s full blog post, click here.