'All My Children' Cancelled? Susan Lucci Looks Back On Her Career

susan lucci, all my children
Susan Lucci Talks 'All My Children' Amid Cancellation Rumors.

With the possibility of All My Children being cancelled after this season, it seems only fitting that Susan Lucci is releasing a new memoir titled All My LIfe due out March 29.

In the memoir, Lucci talks about backstage drama, her many Emmy losses, and a miscarriage she had to deal with while shooting the series.

As for All My Children, Lucci’s alter ego Erica Kane has already gone through 11 marriages on the show and going for a 12th. Could there be a swan song wedding finale? And who will be the groom – Caleb (Michael Nouri) or Jack (Walt Willey)?

TV Guide recently spoke with Lucci about her career and what’s next on All My Children. Check out the interview for all the details!