Almost Censored: M.I.A with Madonna Gives Us the Finger at the Superbowl!

M.I.A. With Madonna!

The censors, they tried to catch singer M.I.A.’s non-family friendly moment during her performance with the one and only Madonna.  M.I.A. has always been a rebel and likes to ruffle feathers when she can. Even after the birth of her son, she still likes to start trouble. And on a big platform like the Superbowl, you know she was gonna do something. What did she do?

It happened during the performance with Madonna and Nicki Minaj doing the Material Girl’s new song Give Me All Your Luvin’. Dressed in cheerleader/Cleaopatra gear, M.I.A. not only said sh*t but also gave us all the finger! They managed to cut her off part way during her giving of the bird, going to a pixelated out of focus shot. Oops! It ain’t as bad as the famous “wardrobe malfunction” of years past but I’m sure it stirred a few parent’s feathers. But that’s what happens when you invite Madonna and her pals. Nothing is safe!

What did you think of the performance.


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