Alyson Hannigan Breastfed Away Her Post Baby Weight


alyson-hannigan-satyanaLike pretty much all celebrity mothers these days, only a couple months after giving birth to daughter Satyana, Alyson Hannigan was already back to her pre-baby weight. Only, Alyson doesn’t credit personal trainers or diet experts for her the quick rebound… she says that she breastfed the pounds away.

Says Alyson:

“I know it’s a cliché, but I was eating just ridiculous amounts of food but still losing weight. I think I should just keep breastfeeding until she’s 18. Is that weird? [If I] just keep pumping? No, I’m not going to do that. That was a joke. Please don’t send letters!”

Is there really any correlation between breastfeeding and weight loss? If so, I could see this becoming a huge dieting trend. Just imagine, women buying breast pumps instead of gym memberships…

Actually, that’s just kinda weird. Could they bottle all the milk and send it to orphanages? The humanitarian angle could kinda help offset the awkwardness of the thing.