Alyson Hannigan: Cool Celeb Mom and Parenting Style

Alyson Hannigan

 Alyson Hannigan has got to be one of my favourite celebrities moms.

Why?  She’s funny, cute and is the kind of woman you know would be your best friend.

I also love the fact that she’s often seen dressed casually and spotted with her husband and daughter, Satyana.

Her put-together look jeans and a jacket paired with flats is casual and effortless.

Her attitude for parenting is also relaxed.

When it comes to parenting, the How I Met Your Mother actress finds that the laid-back approach works best with Sati.

“My husband and I respect Satyana the way we respect each other, the way we like to be respected. The idea is to let her develop skills on her own.” Hannigan said.

Like allowing her child and another kid work out any conflicts on their own. 

“… if two kids are having a conflict over a toy, we don’t want to step in and solve it for them. In my experience, if you let the kids take care of things, they figure it out quickly. Often it’s the parents that have the problem.”