Alyson Hannigan: Poop Goes With The Job

Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan is not scared with a little poop. As any good mother knows, it comes with the job of mommyhood and sometimes comes in the form of an accessory, too.

The pregnant mama-to-be, who is expecting her second child, says that while some people might get grossed-out over the fact that their kids might poop on them, she doesn’t mind it at all. She explained to People Magazine, “I wasn’t grossed out about being pooped on.”

And that’s a good thing, too as she’s been trying to potty train her 2-year-old daughter Satyana, before the arrival of her next baby. Alyson also shares her advice for parents trying their hand at potty training saying, “Make things fun and don’t rush. Find the humor and the fun in things.”

It sounds like she is one cool, level-headed mom, doesn’t it?  Tell us, what have your “poopy” experiences with potty-training have looked like Famecrawler readers?