Alyssa Milano: Attend Her Virtual Baby Shower!

alyssa milano baby shower
You can attend Alyssa Milano's virtual baby shower

Perhaps I need a little more sleep or a little more coffee this morning. Because I’m apparently cranky enough to put on my judge-y pants this morning.

I read this tweet from Alyssa Milano and cringed, thinking sheesh, does she really need more stuff? “A VIRTUAL BABY SHOWER for Alyssa and David and you’re invited!”

Then I read on for more details. Sorry, Alyssa: I should have known better!

This is the message that Alyssa Milano posted on the Baby Bugliari site:

“David and I are overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and we wanted to find a way to give back in celebration of the upcoming birth of our baby boy. In lieu of gifts, we would be touched if you made a donation to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to provide assistance to children and mothers in developing countries so they can grow to be healthy, happy and strong, which is exactly what we want for our child.”

Oops, I definitely judged way too quickly! What an amazing thing for Alyssa Milano to do. Check out how you can get involved.

Photo: PRPhotos