Alyssa Milano Not Revealing Due Date to Keep Paparazzi Stalking to a Minimum

Alyssa Milano twitter due date paparazzi
Alyssa Milano Twitter update on due date

Alyssa Milano had fans on Twitter questioning how close to her due date she is… but she’s not telling!

Alyssa Milano tweeted a helpful reminder to her Twitter followers: “Don’t forget to breathe. Deeply.”

Natually, the curious wondered if Milano was dropping a hint to breathe deeply because she was in labor!

Alyssa was quick to set the record straight, sharing, “And no, I’m nowhere near giving birth. We have quite a bit of time left.”

For those curious to find out when Alyssa Milano’s due date is, she is careful not to reveal the exact timing to keep the paparazzi at bay, explaining: “FYI – we are not releasing the due date for fear of the paparazzi stalking the hospital. But… I’m under 8 months…”

And for those asking if Alyssa Milano is having twins, she assures, “And no, not having twins. Just carrying big.”

I hope Alyssa is able to maintain privacy and keep the paparazzi out of her personal life. Best of luck!

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Image: Alyssa Milano Twitter