Alyssa Milano Is Ready to Pop! Shares New Pregnancy Photo on Twitter

alyssa milano
Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano looks like she is ready to pop any minute now!  The expectant mom is due any day now and it looks like the baby is just about ready to make his debut.

Alyssa took to Twitter to share a brand new photo of her pregnant self alongside her beloved Dodger dog last night.  The photo aptly titled “Dodger Dog and my bump” showed a casual Alyssa lounging on the couch with minimal makeup and hair snuggling her favorite pal.

The posting of the pic came hot on the heals of a week long debate with her Twitter followers on whether or not the baby is overdue.  It all started with a couple small comments with concern for Alyssa and ended with the following statement from the stars, “Guys, I’m not over due… Not even close. I’m normal amounts of pregnant. Patience. Let the little dude do what he needs to do. Patience. :)”

The real deal is that nobody truly knows if she’s overdue or not.  Alyssa has kept the due date a big secret so that she won’t get stalked by the paparazzi when it is time to head to the hospital.  The only flaw in the plan is that it means that she will get stalked absolutely everywhere she goes until the baby arrives.

Photo: Alyssa Milano Twitter

Alyssa Milano has come a long way from child star to stylish mom!