Alyssa Milano Juggling Mistresses and Motherhood! (Photos)


Alyssa Milano Back at Work

Alyssa Milano has been very busy lately. She been having to juggle her Mistresses and her baby boy. Okay, now first off, get your mind out of the gutter. It’s not that she has mistresses (that we know of that is), but rather her new TV show Mistresses for ABC.  The other day she brought baby Milo to the set to meet her cast mates and crew, but she’s already finding out what we all know…being a working mom is hard!

She tweeted…Letting Milo take a nap in my arms before I have to go to work on #Mistresses. This working mom thing is no joke. You all made it look easy.” Her husband is an agent at CAA , and so he’s really busy too. She addressed how hard it was to find a balance saying, “Our schedule is never the same so I’m not sure a routine can be found. Milo came to visit today though and it made me so so happy.”

Let’s hope she figures out how to juggle it all, and if so I hope she shares her secrets with the rest of us!

Alyssa Milano and Rochelle Aytes on the Set


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