Alyssa Milano Shares Post-Baby Work Plans on Twitter

alyssa milano taking long maternity leave hiatus break
Will Alyssa Milano return to work after the baby is born?

Will Alyssa Milano return to work after she has the baby?

One fan asked Alyssa Milano on Twitter what her post-baby plans are – and it sounds like she’ll be taking some time off with baby.

The fan asked, “Do you plan to return to work after your baby boy is born, or will you remain on hiatus to be at home?”

Alyssa Milano tweeted back: “I’m not sure yet. I will be home probably until the beginning of next year and then see how I feel.”

Milano did not elaborate on how long of a break she’ll take, but it sounds like she’ll have a few months off, at least.

Of course, with Alyssa Milano’s request that paparazzi back off on taking photos of celeb kids, I’d expect that Milano will be keeping her baby undercover as much as possible to avoid prying eyes.

Image: PRPhotos