Alyssa Milano's Baby Name Revealed - Which Other Celebs Have Chosen Milo?

alyssa milano baby name
Alyssa Milano's Baby Name

Alyssa Milano has FINALLY welcomed her baby boy after what seemed like a pregnancy that last forever.  The actress went traditional when it came to naming her baby boy opting for “Milo Thomas Bugliari” for his moniker.

There are several meanings for the name Milo.  In German and Greek, Milo means “uncertain, perhaps peaceful.”  In Latin, Milo means “soldier”.    Thomas is a bit easier to disifer — the middle name is in honor of Alyssa’s father Thomas Milano.

Alyssa is not the first celebrity mom to select Milo for her little boy’s name which is proving to be quite popular in Hollywood in recent years.

Check out which other celebrities have named their little dudes Milo….

  • Alyssa Milano 1 of 5
    Alyssa Milano
    Alyssa Milano is the latest celebrity to name her baby Milo. The baby is officially named Milo Thomas Bugliari.
  • Craig Ferguson 2 of 5
    Craig Ferguson
    Comedian Craig Ferguson named his son, Milo Hamish Ferguson, in 2001.
  • Mel Gibson 3 of 5
    Mel Gibson
    Actor Mel Gibson and his ex-wife Robyn named their son Milo Gibson in 1990.
  • Liv Tyler 4 of 5
    Liv Tyler
    Actress Liv Tyler and her ex-husband Royston Langdon named their son Milo William Langdon in 2004.
  • Camryn Manheim 5 of 5
    Camryn Manheim
    Actress Camryn Manheim named her son Milo Jacob Manheim in 2001.