AMA Awards 2010: Pregnant Pink Takes the Stage!

ama music awards pink
AMA Music Awards 2010

A pregnant Pink took the stage at the American Music Awards, without all the crazy bells and whistles.

The typical theatrics she usually does in her performance, like being suspended from the ceiling, were lacking from the AMAs.  Why?

Pink confirmed to Ellen on her show,  “I’m eating for two these days.”  She and husband Carey Hart are expecting their first child together.

But she did still put on a show, prancing around an entourage of performers doing acrobats as she danced around.  I was actually a  little nervous watching her skipping down the stairs.

But the song was very pop-y… a sign of what’s to come now that Pink is pregnant?  Her performance sort of reminded me of Katy Perry.

About the pregnancy, she told Ellen:  “I didn’t want to talk about it because I was just really nervous and I have had a miscarriage before.”

Pink has been planning for the baby, commenting, “I worked for it. It was not an ‘oops.’ ”

What did you think about Pink’s performance?