AMA Awards 2010: Should be Renamed American Pop Music Awards...Sheesh!

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American Music Awards 2010

The American Music Awards are underway and so far, I’m unimpressed.

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus was a little painful to watch.  Bad choice of song, bad gothic-type see-through outfit too.  At least Miley was wearing some more clothes than usual.

To go from an upbeat Enrique Iglesias to Miley who was desperately trying to be profound singing a ballad, I didn’t buy it.

In fact, I think they should just rename the American Music Awards to:   the American Pop Music Awards.

Seriously.  Enrique Iglesias, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry?

Can we have a little more coverage of music other than pop?    And also limit the number of performers to just a few under 18 years old, please?

After all, don’t they already have the Teen Choice Awards or Teen Music Awards or something?

Some adult music as well as some rock and alternative would be very welcome right now. Just sayin’.

What do you think of the AMAs so far?