Amanda Beard Has A New Priority


amanda-beard-medals-olympicsAmanda Beard has been in the news for moments at a time 2 1/2 minutes here and 1 1/2 minutes there. She was very unprepared for her 17 hour labor, but man, was it worth it.

Amanda Beard showed off her little munchkin Blaise, and said she is so proud of him and herself. She had a difficult-ish pregnancy with high blood pressure and out-of-control sugar cravings. Blaise is here now and everything was worth it.

“Swimming was always my No. 1 focus, but now it’s Blaise. He’s at the top of my pyramid. All your priorities change I just want what’s best for him. Motherhood is more rewarding than any medal or world record.”

I wonder if that’s easier to say because she already has the medals.