Amanda Knox Movie: Hayden Panettiere Lifetime Movie Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

amanda knox movie
Hayden Panettiere in Amanda Knox Movie

The Amanda Knox movie, “Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial in Italy” premieres tonight at 9:00pm on Lifetime. When the Amanda Knox case unfolded, there was no doubt that it would eventually be made into a Lifetime movie.

Hayden Panettiere plays the role of Amanda Knox in the movie. Panettiere actually bears an eerie resemblance to Knox, something she said she enjoyed in a recent interview about the film. You can watch a sneak peek of Hayden in the Amanda Knox movie in the video clip below.

There is a ton of controversy surrounding the Lifetime Amanda Knox movie, as her family feels that is not an accurate portrayal of their daughter’s character.

Hayden Panettiere gives a full interview here on her thoughts about playing Amanda Knox, and how she prepared for the part.

Will you be watching the Amanda Knox movie on Lifetime tonight?