Amanda Knox Plans Appeal, New Evidence Emerges Proving Her Innocence


American student Amanda Knox is spending her 3rd summer locked up in Italy’s Capanne prison for the murder fo Meredith Kercher.

The story of her lock-up is one of little evidence and lots of tabloid fodder. Amanda and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito are said to have sexually assaulted and slain Meredith to see how killing felt and were under the influence of marijuana and comic books. There is little  proof except DNA found at the crime scene. DNA that would have been in the house since Amanda and Meredith were roommates.

Amanda plans to appeal her 26 year sentence and maintains her innocence, but Italian officials are continuing to sling her name through the mud making any sort of real justice impossible. Umbrian officials would like to see her get more time, at least 30 years, and are adding slander to the counts against her. Amanda’s parents, who flew to Italy to support their daughter and maintain her innocence are also being sued for slander.

What are her chances? There is new evidence that could point to the real killer.

Luciano Aviello, a jailed Italian mobster currently serving 17 years, has come forward saying his brother Antonio killed Meredith and asked him to hide the bloody knife and her keys.

He has no reason to lie, but with so much media fodder surrounding Amanda, public perception has been skewed and her chances are still not very good. Amanda’s prosecutor Giuliano Mignini’s has been convicted for abuse of office and she has brought in Giancarlo Costagliola. The appeals court judge,Sergio Matteini Chiari, rubberstamp Judge Giancarlo Massei’s evidence-lacking report when she appealed last November.

In the meantime, Amanda has been doing yoga, reading, and writing letters to her boyfriend who is serving 25 years.


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