Amanda Knox Update:Original Murder Scene Cut Out of Lifetime Movie?


amanda knox 300x222 Amanda Knox Story: Is Amanda Knox Really Guilty?Tonight the Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy movie premiered on Lifetime. In an Amanda Knox update to the movie, according to The Telegraph as reported earlier today, a violent scene in the movie depicting the brutal murder of Meredith Kercher had been cut from the film.

Reportedly, the original murder scene showed Meredith wearing jeans and a grey bra, being held down and brutally attacked by a “knife-wielding Amanda Knox, Knox’s Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and… Rudy Guede.”

Although Knox, Sollecito, and Guede proclaimed their innocence as soon as it happened and have continued to proclaim their innocence in the crime, all three have been sentenced. Knox received 26 years in prison, Sollecitowas sentenced to 25 years in prison, and drifter Guede was originally sentenced to 30 years, but his sentence was reduced to 16 during an appeal.

Both Meredith and Knox’s families wanted the entire film banned, and there is speculation that the scene was deleted to appease both families. The scene was still graphic; Guede watches as blood runs from a wound in Meredith’s neck after she’s been stabbed. The film ends by indicating there is reasonable doubt that Knox and Raffaele were even involved in the killing.

So do you think Amanda is guilty?

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