Amanda Seyfried Wants Kids But Thinks Dogs Are Easier

amanda seyfried
Amanda Seyfried in no rush to have kids.

At 25 years old, actress Amanda Seyfried still has plenty of time for babies in her future, which is something that she definitely wants down the road.

In the meantime, however, Amanda told Britain’s Look magazine that she pretty much considers her dog to be her kid. She said, “My dog Finn is my baby. I treat him like a child! I think this is easier for now.”

She may enjoy parenting her dog, but Amanda admits that her biological clock is already starting to tick. She said, “I love spending time with babies and daydreaming what it’s going to be like for me.”

My guess is that she’s daydreaming about what her children will look like and how cuddly and sweet they will be and hasn’t yet thought about sleepless nights, diaper blowouts, and not being able to take a shower for days at a time.

Amanda also gave the impression that she’s in no big hurry to start a family by saying, “I can’t wait to have kids but I have to keep myself in check. I’m not having a baby any time soon!”

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