Amazing 3 Year Old Recites 30 Line Poem...From Memory (VIDEO)


I remember having to memorize “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” for high school graduation and finding it difficult. I was pretty proud when I accomplished that feat and I was 18 and the lines were penned by Dr. Seuss. That was certainly nothing compared to the amazing ability of this 3 year old YouTube user who is able to recite a 30 line Billy Collins poem from memory.

In fact, it’s so impressive the NY Times even noticed, building him up as some sort of hope for the future and proof that the children of today are not just lego-obsessed or waiting for the next episode of Jersey Shore to start.

Take a look.

It’s pretty amazing and it’s not a fake. If you’re a fan, you can see him recite Tennyson’s “Eagle” while wearing a Superman costume.

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