Amazing Race 18 All Stars Teams Announced: Amazing Race 18 February 20

amazing race 18 all stars teams february 2011
Amazing Race 18 all stars teams compete

The Amazing Race 18 details were revealed during tonight’s season 17 finale The Amazing Race 18, featuring all-star teams, will premiere on February 20.

Amazing Race 18 all-stars will be called “Unfinished Business,” featuring some of your favorite losing teams from past seasons.

Amazing Race 18 will be the newest all-star edition since the spring of 2007, which included reality show couple “Boston Rob” Mariano and Amber Brkich.

Amazing Race 17’s Brook and Claire will join Amazing Race 18, as well as cowboy brothers Jet and Cord from season 16, season 15’s father/son duo, Gary and Matt Tomljenovich and goth team Kynt and Vixsin.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s all-star editions of reality shows!

Will you tune in for Amazing Race 18?

Here’s the full Amazing Race 18 all stars team cast.