Amazing Race 18: Amazing Race Unfinished Business Premiere Recap


the amazing raceThere are always those teams on the Amazing Race that were so close to winning. Yet, they somehow weren’t the Amazing Race winners.

With Amazing Race 2011, the contestants are all getting a second chance at the game.  Amazing Race: Unfinished Business brings back some faves from the past. It kicked off in a different way than previous Amazing Race games.

Instead of being handed a clue, the teams had to search for the paper airplanes with the correct term on it to give to host Phil before they could get their first clue.  The first 8 teams would be on the first flight; the last three would be on a later flight and the very last team to find the correct answer would have an automatic u-turn at the first detour they came to.

Kisha and Jen, Gary and Mallory, and Amanda and Kris were the three teams on the last flight, with Amanda and Kris being u-turned.

But, in true Amazing Race fashion, the plane that was arrive second ended up arriving in Sydney first.  The first detour had one member of each team swimming in a shark tank to find a compass that they’d use to decode a puzzle.

The first team to check in would win an express pass that they could use in another leg of the race.  Father and daughter team Gary and Mallory were the first to arrive and received an express pass. But, the first leg of the race isn’t over: the teams are still racing! They each got another clue and had to keep going.

Knowing that his leg of the Amazing Race wasn’t over made it a little anti-climatic when the teams were racing to stay out of last place. Jet and Cord, the cowboys, were the last team to arrive, so they have a lot of catching up to do on next week’s Amazing Race.

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