Ambassador In Yemen Has A Pregnant Mistress


british_ambassador-tim_torlot-adultery-mistressTim Torlot is a celebrity because he’s a politician. At least that’s what I’m claiming, because I really wanted to write about this.

Mr. Torlot is the British ambassador to Yemen where it’s illegal to commit adultery. He just moved his mistress into his official residence, his pregnant mistress.

His mistress has moved right in and set up an office to write a book,  an expose if you will, about their affair.

I guess the rumor has been the talk of the party circuit there in Yemen. Who knew they had a party circuit

There could have been an international incident if he wasn’t an ambassador. I would have loved to been a fly on the wall when he said, you can’t do anything, I have diplomatic immunity.

BTW –  He and his wife are in the middle of getting divorced, but she was around when the affair started. I guess the lovebirds were swept off their feet.


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