Amber and Angela Cope -Twin NASCAR Drivers! Who Are They?


amber and angela cope

Amber and Angela Cope, apparently racing runs in their blood. This pair of twins who have been described with such marketable words as “hotties,” babes” and “beautiful” will be hitting the NASCAR circuit this weekend at the Camping World Truck Series.  But they aren’t the only racers in the family…

These 27-year-old have a uncle who won the Daytona 500 back in 1990, driver Derrike Cope. They started young, racing go karts and at the age of 15 they began to race late model cars….even before they were able to legally drive.  And they now racing with the big boys (and girls).

And you know with being young, blonde and girls they’ll be successful off the track with endorsements and the like, and if they’re successful on the track, they’ll really be a hot commodity. But will they be role models to young girls? Not sure how many parents want their kids to learn to drive cars super fast, but then if you have racing in the family like these girls, well then it can be a given.

Check out one of the sister below.


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