Amber Portwood: Denies Gary Shirley Released Photos

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood Says Gary Shirley Did Not Leak Photos

Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood has once again found herself in the middle of a huge scandal, and this time it doesn’t involve trying to beat up her baby daddy. Instead, photos of Amber wearing nothing but a few tattoos have surfaced online, and they are spreading like wildfire.

Amber is supposedly furious over the photos, and insists that she did not release them herself in the hopes of getting attention. Portwood also denies that her ex, Gary Shirley leaked the photos, though he does seem like the one person in her life with the most motive.

Regardless of how the photos got out, Amber Portwood should have known better than to even take them in the first place. What will she tell her daughter Leah about this scandal?