Amber Portwood: How The Teen Mom Lost 65 Pounds Of Baby Weight

Amber Portwood Teen Mom
Amber Portwood has lost 65 pounds

Being a teen mom may not be the easiest thing in the word, but Amber Portwood from the MTV show, Teen Mom, is making the best of it and has managed to lose 65 pounds of baby weight.

Portwood says she had “been chunky” her whole life and was getting sick and tired of it. Any mom out there, regardless of age, knows how tough shedding pregnancy pounds can be, so how did Amber do it?

She initially lost 20 pounds after giving birth to her daughter in 2008, and when she decided she wanted to take her weight loss even further, she took up martial arts.  She has been practicing at Krav Maga and must be getting pretty good, because she’s about to enter her first martial arts competition.

Amber is 5’4″, and is down to about 118 pounds.