Amber Portwood May Lose Custody of Leah – PLUS Gary and Amber Could Get Back Together!

Amber Portwood

It’s been a tough year or two for Teen Mom star Amber Portwood. Back in June it was reported that Amber attempted suicide and now is at a rehab center in Malibu, California.  Her ex- Gary Shirley has temporary custody of Leah and the two have battled over who will be the main parent in little Leah’s life. And now it looks like Amber could lose permanent custody of Leah…“I think custody will go to Gary,” his lawyer told Star Magazine. He added that the only way that Amber could get custody of Leah is that she would have to be “able to maintain a clean track record”

But Gary won’t stand in the way of Amber being a big part of Leah’s life. He does not have plans on stopping Amber from seeing Leah with Gary’s lawyer saying, “we will aim for her to have a whole lot of visitation.” He also hinted that perhaps Gary and Amber may live together so that they can co-parent, saying, “Gary and Amber do have a relationship and a child,” he added.  “Who knows, they may even move in together.”


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