Amber Rose Is A Proud "My Gym" Mom


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Amber Rose might be one of the most talked about models and celebrities in the entertainment world but when it comes to her son and her family life, she’s just as down-to-earth as you and me!

The gorgeous Philly beauty has been sharing photos of her son Sebastian enjoying his mommy and me classes at their local My Gym in Los Angeles, Calif. If you’ve never been to a My Gym, they are little gyms built for toddlers to enjoy fun and safe activities in unique classes and programs in an indoor setting. I joined our local My Gym with both my daughter and son when they were babies and it was just so much fun watching them grow and interact with other children while I got to meet new parents, too.

And it seems like celebrities like Amber Rose and her husband Wiz Khalifa aren’t immune to mingling with the locals and meeting new parents, too. That just makes them so much more awesome and relatable in my book, too. I mean, I’m yet to see Kim Kardashian or Beyonce take their children to a mommy an me class which is unfortunate because they are a great place to bond with your children (but then again, someone like Bey could get her daughter registered at a mommy and me class without being hounded by her fans!).

Thank goodness for celebrities like Amber and Wiz who still manage to keep things real while keeping both their feet and their family securely grounded.

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Photos via Instagram

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