Amber Rose Is Suffering From Third-Trimester Sickness


It looks like while some mothers suffer from morning sickness during their first trimester of their pregnancies, model Amber Rose is still dealing with it during her last one!

The celebrity mama-to-be tweeted that she “just vomited” her lunch on Friday but later made homemade hamburgers for her family. Oh, the irony of pregnancy, right?

Regardless though, it looks like Amber is enjoying what she can of her last weeks of her pregnancy before she is due to give birth at the end of February. Check out our slideshow of some of her most recent Instagrams and let us know what you think. She gets more gorgeous by the day, doesn’t she?

  • Good Looks… 1 of 5
    Good Looks...
    Obviously run in Amber's family. Here's a throwback picture of her mom back in the 1980s. Gorgeous!
    Photo via Instagram
  • Bumpin’ It 2 of 5
    Bumpin' It
    Amber showing off her bump at the Power 106 studios!
    Photo via Instagram
  • DinDin 3 of 5
    Yes, I could eat this too right about now... and I'm not even pregnant!
    Photo via Instagram
  • Model Shot 4 of 5
    Model Shot
    This is obviously an older picture of Amber, but oh my is she stunning! Let's hope her baby boy looks so much like her.
    Photo via Instagram
  • George Lopez 5 of 5
    George Lopez
    It looks like Amber and Wiz bumped into funny man George Lopez today!
    Photo via Instagram

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