Rumor Patrol: Is Amber Rose is Totally Pregnant with Wiz Khalifa's Baby?!

Amber Rose Is Pregnant!

They could try to deny it, but the baby bump does not lie. Just last week Wiz Khalifa tried to deny that his fiance Amber Rose is not carrying a baby in her belly, but new photos that have emerged clearly show that she is totally pregnant. Wiz said in an interview about the rumors of Amber’s pregnant, “I’m saying here that is not what people think it is. But, she will have my baby in life, and you guys will know when she’s pregnant. But it’s not the time now for people to start going crazy.” It may have not been the time last week, but this week? Yes.

While in Los Angeles…Amber Rose was spotted with a very obvious belly which she didn’t try to hide while she wore a clingy neon green dress. She even was seen rubbing her growing baby bump!

Amber is a model who came to fame when she was dating Kanye West, has gone on to star in big ad campaigns for such companies as Smirnoff. She and Wiz became engaged back in March and are “delighted to have a little one on the way.” Their baby is reportedly due next January.

You can check out photo of Amber Rose’s baby bump right here.