Amber Rose On Her Pregnancy Weight: "Im Losing My Baby Weight The Healthy Way" (Photos)


Amber Rose wants her fans to know that she’s not taking the easy way out when it comes to losing her post-baby pregnancy weight. Instead, the model and celebrity mom is sending out a message to everyone in the celebrity world: the best way to lose weight is the slow and healthy way. Period.

The new mother wrote on her Instagram account:

I’m almost at my goal weight. Just 7 pounds to go! Absolutely no surgery just diet & exercise. Most celebs give u false hope when u have a baby ( My son was 9lbs) and in 3 months ur supposed to be skinny again….. It’s not realistic in most cases. It takes 6 weeks to heal before u could even work out. Anyway, the moral of the story is losing baby weight the natural way takes longer but it’s much healthier for ur body and helps u stay strong to carry another baby. So don’t put ur life at risk for societies standards of when ur suppose to lose ur pregnancy weight. Take ur time & don’t take the easy way out Muva

Really, there’s not much more than I can say because Amber is 100 percent SPOT ON. It’s great to see someone in the celebrity spotlight who is keeping it real and is doing not only what’s best for her body, but for her baby, too. A happy mommy means a happy family, right?

Check out our photos below from Amber’s Instagram account and let us know what you think! Do you feel inspired by Amber’s approach to her weight loss?

Photos via Instagram

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