Amber Rose Shares Photos From Her Second "East Coast" Baby Shower (Photos)


It looks like Amber Rose is definitely feeling the love these days as she was honored with not just one baby shower, but two by her loved ones! The model and celebrity mama-to-be shared even more pictures from her second “East Coast” baby shower, which was hosted by her mother and baby daddy Wiz Khalifa’s mom, too.

The Philly-born beauty looked absolutely glowing at the party. This woman just seems to get more beautiful by the day!

Check out all of our fun photos below and let us know what you think.

  • Belly Love 1 of 5
    Belly Love
    Talk about a lucky gal - not even one stretch mark on her belly!
    Photo via Instagram
  • Gorg 2 of 5
    It doesn't really matter what Amber has on because she is gorgeous in every pic!
    Photo via Instagram
  • Amber Rose 3 of 5
    Amber Rose
    Amber looks absolutely glowing at her second baby shower. What a gorgeous mama to be!
    Photo via Instagram
  • Happy Mama! 4 of 5
    Happy Mama!
    I don't think I've seen a happier mama in a very long time, lol!
    Photo via Instagram
  • Beauty 5 of 5
    One thing is for certain: this woman is going to have one gorgeous baby.
    Photo via Instagram

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