Ambulance Called To Gosselin Home - Why?



Jon Gosselin had a bit of a family emergency over the weekend.  An ambulance was called to the Gosselin’s Wernersville, Pa., home on Saturday (September 5) afternoon, according to a Lower Heidelberg police officer.

Jon’s grandmother had apparently fallen and an ambulance was called.  Jon tweeted (great that he’s on Twitter now!), “Just to clear up any faulty reports: my grandmother did in fact fall in my driveway but she’ll [be] fine.  Thank you for all of the concerned calls.”

The police officer said, “I received a dispatch to go there, an elderly female fell.  She was transported to a local hospital.”

The reality TV dad once again tweeted about his grandmom, “She’ll be ok.  Thanks for the concern!  Kids had a good though, some fun in the pool before it gets too cold.”

It had been a family day for Jon and the kids since it was his turn to spend time with them, while soon-to-be ex-wife Kate, left the home.

He had tweeted on Saturday, “Family Day!  Kids got to play with their grandparents, great grandparents…so great to see so many generations together.”

Glad to know his grandmother will be OK.  Hopefully, the kids weren’t too upset about the whole ordeal.