America Ferrera Says Working on Fiance's Film Like Giving Birth: Will She Actually Become A Parent Soon?


America Ferrera and her fiance Ryan Piers Williams are together in more than one way. The pair have been working on the film The Dry Land, which Williams wrote and directed, and Ferrera starred in and executive produced.

The movie, which is a drama based on war-veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, has been a huge undertaking for the soon-to-be-married couple, and Ferrera doesn’t take it lightly. She told People the film “certainly is [Williams’] baby, and I feel like I’ve been here to get to witness it.”

She continued with the metaphor when she said, “It’s a little bit like he had the pregnancy and I’m holding his hand through Lamaze.” So now that she gets this, well, interesting, practice, are Ferrera and Williams going to have an actual baby anytime soon?

Anyone’s guess is best. Ferrera says they’re barely into the wedding planning process, noting they traveled to Iraq for the film the day after they got engaged. We think these two would make great parents–hopefully they will someday!


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