American Chopper's Paul Jr. Says He Still Loves Dad After he was a Wedding No-Show


American Chopper” star Paul Teutul Jr. says he still loves his father, Paul Teutul Sr. even though Paul Sr. was a no-show at his wedding this past weekend.

“It’s always sad when a father doesn’t come to his own son’s wedding but I still love him, and the truth of the matter is it was an absolutely perfect day and I wouldn’t have changed anything,” Paul Jr. said.

Paul Teutul, Jr. and his bride Rachael tied the knot this weekend in New Jersey in front of 135 guests, but the groom’s father blew it off completely.

Paul Sr. couldn’t get past the feud between the two as shown in the hit reality show “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior”.   Senior was invited but he didn’t attend his son’s wedding.

What’s sad is that even after his father rejected his son’s own wedding invitation, that Paul Jr. is still going out there and saying he still loves Paul Sr.

Senior and Junior have been in an ongoing legal battle for months and are battling it out in the new series on TLC.