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American Chopper Paul Jr. Wedding: Six Things About His Bride, Rachael

By ToniFitz76 |

rachael biester“American Chopper’s” Paul Jr., aka Paul Teutul Jr., married Rachael Biester over the weekend, and as viewers of “American Chopper Senior vs. Junior” already know, she married smack into a family feud. Really, what could be more awkward than your new father-in-law skipping the ceremony?

Rachael will surely have to deal with lots of family drama in the coming months, what with Senior suing Junior, the two of them dissing each other on television, and all that. The saving grace is that perhaps if these newlyweds have kids, there will be grandchildren in the offing to bring Senior and Junior back together.

So who exactly is Paul Jr.’s bride? Here’s a bit of background, including how the two of them met and where they registered for their wedding.

– Rachael Biester actually met Paul Jr. through the TLC show. She was a “Mcuff Girl” in the “Mcuff Gas Tank Protector” episode of “American Chopper” that aired last year – she was dressed in yellow.

– She picked out her wedding dress on an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” that aired on TLC earlier this month.

– She is a model/actress represented by Explore Talent.

– She and Paul Jr. really made this wedding a TLC affair: They met with the chef from “Cake Boss” to plan their wedding cake.

– She and Paul Jr. registered at Williams Sonoma – it’s not too late to buy them a gift and no one has gotten the low-priced silicone rolling pin yet!

– The couple helped design the Paul Jr. Designs Dog Park, which opened last December in Montgomery, N.Y.,  with $50,000 in funding.

Photo: TLC

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21 thoughts on “American Chopper Paul Jr. Wedding: Six Things About His Bride, Rachael

  1. Laura says:

    Rachael is a fame seeking, gold digger.

  2. Linda says:

    Actually she is my neice and she is far from it! She is kind, giving and loving and he is lucky to have her.

  3. Marti says:

    Since she’s hardly been shown on the show until lately, I don’t see her as a fame seeking gold digger. Funny how people will pick on someone like her but make excuses for an ass like Tiger Woods.

  4. Jim Downey says:

    Married or not! I’d still hit it!!

  5. Pete says:

    So sorry for you Laura…don’t you know that jealousy is a SICKNESS…
    you have a lot of nerve to talk about somebody you don’t even know…but then again maybe you are just jealous because you can’t even compare to Pauls beautiful WIFE…get it, he married her that means he must LOVE her.

  6. Laurel says:

    whatever she married a loser who neither one of them have been able to follow thru on a successful business it will suck to have to go back to Daddy……

  7. Kim says:

    for you everyone one of you that are dogging on the bride, it just tells be jealousy is alive and well.

  8. Kim says:

    I like Rachel and Paul jr. As a couple and I don’t know them but I watch AC people shouldn’t write negative comments. But I will say I’m rooting for Paul Jr. In the court case against his dad.

  9. christina says:

    i love both shows!!!!!!!! congrats to both to bad the rest of the world cant find happiness!! they will make some cute ass dimple darlings!

  10. spaggs says:

    Paul Jr. is not perfect but he needs someone who loves and believes in him and he found it in Rachael.Paul Sr. is a dumb ass walrus who will rue the day he didn’t bury the hatchet and make peace with his three(3) sons. Some father figure!

  11. Amy says:

    Paul Sr. is a loser – if everything is true and not just a hoax to make a tv show. What kind of dad says the things Paul Sr. says?????

  12. TommyGunns says:


  13. Teresa says:

    I think Paul Jr needs someone like Rachael in his life that loves him and stand beside him thru thick and thin, and as for Paul Sr. he proves that old saying that anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad . A parents love should be unconditional and I think that if it wasnt for Jr OCC wouldnt be the shop it is today, he is the one that designed the bike, Paul Sr just made sure everyone heard him scream and curse everyday and lets not forget he kept the chairs in the offece from getting cold.

  14. tara thau says:

    first off to all the negitive people rachael is a very talented person on her own and dont neew pauly to have fame is isnt a gold digger u dont even no her to even destify thaat , she is my cousin so i would no . she is very beautiful respectful talented and he is very lucky to have her so take the negivtive and shove it !!!! i luv ya rach………………….hi aunt linda lol

  15. cory says:

    i like rachael and paul jr. if it wasnt for paul jr OCC wouldn’t be as big as it is. him and vennie have built most of the bikes at OCC. As for Rachael she helped start paul jr designs andhelped paul step out of his dads shadow

  16. Tania says:

    Listen if she is a model then what am I I have been modeling for 10 yrs and I dont think she is a model and yes I think she is a gold digger

  17. Jerry says:

    Relatives and friends of Rachael…Don’t worry about the negative commenters. They show up on every forum I’ve ever visited usually talking through their you know what and have no valid information to support their claim. Although it’s hard to do it is best to just ignore them.

    As a fan of OCC and PJD I think Rachael is one of the most beautiful ladies I’ve ever seen and that puts her up there with Julianne Hough in my book. I only know her from seeing her on TV so don’t know any personal infor about her, like where she’s from, prior employment, etc. but if her personality and character compares to her beauty I’m smitten.

  18. Rick D says:

    Rachael seems like a very nice girl from what i’ve seen on t.v. she is very pretty 2. As for paul sr. and i hate to say any thing bad about some ones dad but he is the biggest ass i’ve ever seen. Paul jr will be around long after OCC goes out of business.

  19. rusty says:

    you can tell in his eyes afterr last nights (oct17) show he is happy and coming into his own. of everything ive watched junior has the sickest bikes(gears of war 3) those things are creative innovative and incredibly well thought out. dude deserves a beautiful woman and she is hottt! go boy

  20. rusty says:

    by the way ive never in a milllion years have i ever talked to my son like that and he can be an a##. oh yeh he helps at my shop as well. stay professional at all times course then again i dont havee a show hmmmmm

  21. Mike says:

    I will bet Rachael everything i own that this will end in divorce. Are you up for it, we can make this legal anytime you want. All of my assets, cars, trucks, properties, etc.. for all of your stuff of equal value. You’re a gold digger, you know it and so does everybody else, you will come out of this rich and that was the goal all along. Come on, take the bet, we can even make it legal on the show, it’ll be good for you. You’ll get more attention, just like you want and i’ll end up with twice as much stuff.

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