American Chopper Senior Vs. Junior: Paul Jr. Comes Out On Top

American Chopper Senior vs Junior
American Chopper Senior vs Junior

Paul Teutul Jr. is flying high as he finally completes his two brand new choppers.

But first, Paul Teutul Sr. is interviewed for a magazine and says of Paul Jr. Designs, “no one can do what we do”.

For fans of the Junior, you are probably like me and feeling proud of Paul Jr. and his team for unveiling the “Anti-venom” black and yellow chopper.

It was a fabulous reveal with a large crowd turnout.  As Paul Jr. Design’s first design, the bike rocked and looked original compared to other web bikes.

Michael Teutul made sure he had a chance to tell the crowd how proud he is of his brother.  Mikey sort of stepped in since their father didn’t show up to support their efforts.

What would’ve happened if Paul Sr. had shown up? Not such a difficult move to make, it would’ve meant so much to the boys.

Soon after, Paul Jr. and his team unveiled their lime green chopper for Geico.  A proud moment for Paul Jr. but of course Paul Sr. didn’t have anything pleasant to say about it. 

As for the large crowd at the reveal, he said:  “They’re not there for them, they’re there for Motley Crue”  Paul Sr. said.  “If I thought he really put some work into that bike, I would’ve gone.”

When asked if he wondered what the bike looked like, Paul Sr. responded, “No I’m not curious at all.”

I think Paul Sr. is acting more and more like a child every week.