American Chopper Senior vs Junior: Paul Sr. Again Shows his Immaturity

American Chopper Senior vs Junior
American Chopper Senior vs Junior

American Chopper Senior vs. Junior  is back after a week off and the father-son drama continues.

But more on the part of Paul Teutul Sr.

Mikey Teutul was a guest on a radio show and revealed that he and his brothers helped to build Orange County Choppers.  He added that OCC’s designs were thanks to Paul Teutul Jr.

Of course, Paul Sr. was listening in to the radio show he just can’t stay away.  Paul Sr. was notably upset about Mikey’s guest appearance, even going as far as to say he thought Mikey  made a fool of himself, saying it was a “total embarrassment”.

He scoffed at what Mikey said that he, Paul Jr., Vinnie and Paul Sr. together helped to build OCC.  “Paulie doesn’t work here because he doesn’t want to be under any supervision, be his own boss, come to work at 10am, go home at 1pm come back at 4pm.”

In response to Mikey insinuating that Paul Jr. Designs in now in competition with OCC, Paul Sr. replied, “it’s disgusting”.

Then strangely, Paul Sr. starts talking to Jason like one of his own sons, talking to him rudely.   Jason laughs it off:  “I think Paul Sr. is like my father now.”

The saddest part of the episode was when Paul Sr. designed a dummy to use on a bike for a test jump that looked like his son, Paul Jr.  When they launched the bike and the dummy sling-shot off the bike, Paul Sr. laughed as if he was laughing.  It was truly awful, even as a joke for a father to do to a son.  And very immature.

Looks like Paul Jr. will get the last laugh.  Nub visited the shop and agreed to paint some bikes for Paul Jr.   Finally Paul Jr. gets their first paying customer!