American Idiot: Green Days Billie Joe Armstrong To Hit Broadway


One has to wonder if Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong would have ever thought he’d be starring in a Broadway show as a young punk in the Bay Area suburbs. But that’s exactly where he is heading next year.

Dad/rock star/ Grammy winner Billie Joe Armstrong is the composer and co-author of the Broadway musical based on Green Day’s album American Idiot. “The high-octane show follows the story of three working-class characters from the suburbs to the city to the Middle East, as they seek redemption in a world filled with frustration.”

Armstrong will star as St. Jimmy starting on January 1st and his run will end February 27th. Cast member Tony Vincent leaves the show on December 30th. Armstrong will appear in 50 performances from Jan. 1-9, Jan. 18-30 and Feb. 10-27. And this is the first time he has graced the stage in the role. He did the role for a week back in September, and it was a huge success bringing in $400,000 more than the show would make in a week.

You can find out more about the show right here.

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