American Idol 2011: Will Ratings Be Higher With Changes?


new american idol judges steven tyler jennifer lopezAmerican Idol 2011 brings many changes to the show but will this result in higher ratings?

There have been changes in the past on American Idol. Not having judge Simon Cowell on American Idol is a huge question mark for the hit series.  Simon Cowell was the judge that some people loved but many hated but Simon’s mean comments made for good TV.  Without Simon, the judge we loved to hate, will American Idol draw the huge ratings of previous years?

Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres and Kara DioGuardi are out and Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are in.  Steven Tyler talks about snorting snorting sleeping pills and other good soundbites so I predict Tyler will be a media darling.

Differences in American Idol 2011

Weeding Out Early – The weeding out process will be quicker on American Idol in 2011.  The show will narrow it down to around 40 contestants, then there will be a “sing for your life” round and then there will be 12-15 potential American Idols.

Contestants Will Live Together – The finalists will all be moved into a mansion together where they will live until they are voted off.

Original Songs – In the final rounds, contestants will be allowed to sing original songs and they will be able to have background dancers and different sets for their performances.