American Idol 2011: Is 15 Too Young To Be the Next American Idol?

Jordin Sparks
Jordin Sparks: Youngest American Idol winner...for now

Did you watch the premiere of American Idol 2011 tonight? When I saw some of the 15 year-olds, I thought “wow, they are babies!” And then wondered when they were allowed to audition.

In case you were under a rock like I was(it’s comfy under there sometimes), starting with American Idol 2011, 15 year-olds are allowed to audition.

Is this the best idea?

Prior to this, the youngest of the  American Idol winners was Jordin Sparks, who won when she was 17.  But, this year’s winner could possibly be only 15.

American Idol is a lot of pressure and can lead to a ton of fame, too.  That could be good, but look at the child stars who have been negatively influenced by their celebrity status. It makes them think they can do things that they shouldn’t.

But, there were some talented young kids on the American Idol tonight; judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson certainly thought so.

Would you let your 15 year-old try out for American Idol?

Photo: PRPhotos