American Idol 2011 - Is Steven Tyler Saving or Sinking American Idol?

steven tyler
Steven Tyler on American Idol

Love him or hate him, Steven Tyler is breathing new life into American Idol.  The addition of Tyler has given the singing competition that it needed in its tenth season.  With the combination of true rock star credibility and expert sound bytes, Tyler is the perfect replacement for the irreplaceable Simon Cowell.

Tyler has made such an impact on the show that the producers felt obligated to apologize for his antics so far this season and for any potential future foot-in-mouth moments during last night’s Austin audition episode.  For his part, Steven is delivering big ratings for the show which has remained steady in its ratings this season (rather than the potential big ratings downturn that could have happened with the exxit of Simon). 

Do you think Steven Tyler is saving or sinking American Idol?

Photo: Fox