American Idol 2011: Jennifer Lopez Can't Say NO!

American Idol 2011, American Idol Season 10
American Idol 2011

Finally, after all the hype about the new judges, American Idol season 10 premiered Wednesday night.

Jennifer Lopez has replaced Paula as the female voice of reason.  But JLo has one big problem:  she can’t say no!

Her first day of auditions, the singer/actress was having quite a difficult time rejecting contestants. 

These judges “aren’t in the business of crushing spirits,” as Jennifer Lopez put it.

But I think this soft side of Lopez is actually sweet.  The mom of twins is definitely photogenic and beautiful to watch.  You really can’t take your eyes off her.

There is definitely no Simon Cowell amongst the judges this season.  With JLo being afraid of saying no, and Steven Tyler who clearly loves the ladies… and I mean loves looking at the contestants… the panel definitely has a different vibe.

But I think we can get used to it!