'American Idol' Alum Justin Guarini Tweets Photo Of 5-Week-Old Son

justin guarini, american idol
Justin Guarini tweets photo of his son, William Neko.

When you think of American Idol, you may think of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, or this year’s crowned Scotty McCreery. But I highly doubt you would think of Justin Guarini. But nonetheless, the Idol alum is letting the world in on his “little slice o’ heaven.”

Guarini, better known on twitter as @justin_guarini, posted this message earlier today.

“My little slice o’ heaven

Guarini and his wife Reina Capodici welcomed their son, William Neko, on April 26.

Around the birth, he said, “With a full head of curly brown hair, wide open and alert eyes he came charging into the world. Reina is doing wonderfully and should be given a medal for going 10 months and 1 week with child…. She performed beautifully and only had to push for 15-20 minutes before the babe arrived.”

Are you excited to see another Idol alum baby?

[Photo via Twitter.]



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