American Idol Celebrate Steven Tyler's Birthday in Motown Style - Watch Stevie Wonder Serinade Steven Tyler

american idol stevie wonder
American Idol Celebrates Steven Tyler's Birthday

Stevie!  Stevie!  Stevie! 

Stevie Wonder hit the stage  at tonight’s American Idol to the surprise of everyone including the judges.  The biggest surprise was when he broke out into a rendition of Happy Birthday directed straight at Steven Tyler who will turn 63 this weekend.

Watch Stevie Wonder sing Happy Birthday to Steven Tyler….

There was no better way to honor Motown than to give up the stage to the king of Motown Stevie Wonder!   The best part was when he gave Steven Tyler the surprise of the week by serendaing him with Happy Birthday.    It was such a surprise that Steven’s face nearly moved despite the botox treatements.

What did you think of Steven Tyler’s birthday surprise on American Idol?

Photo: PR Photos