American Idol Fake Fergie? Fergie's Bad Spray Tan Makes People Think It Wasn't Her!

Fergie American Idol
Fergie on American Idol: Just a Bad Spray Tan?

Did American Idol use a fake Fergie during the Black Eyed Peas performance tonight? Viewers can’t help but comment that Fergie didn’t quite look like herself, and some are wondering if it was really her.

Odds are not good that a fake Fergie was used, so why did she look so different? From plastic surgery theories to the question, “Is Fergie pregnant?”, all of this may be explained by her really bad spray tan.

Spray tans are all the rage these days, but sometimes they can make a person look orange, and not like themselves at all. Was Fergie’s spray tan so bad that it actually had people thinking she was a fake Fergie?