American Idol Fans Give Pia Toscano A Standing Ovation for I'll Stand By You (VIDEO)

american idol
Pia Toscano on American Idol

Someone needed to be the first to bring the American Idol audience to its feet. That someone was Pia Toscano on Wednesday night’s American Idol show.

Pia Toscano sang I’ll Stand By You, which Carrie Underwood has also covered and sang as part of an American Idol finale. Pia had big shoes to fill when she chose this song! But, she did a fabulous job with it and got the first standing ovation of American Idol 2011.

You can watch Pia Toscano’s I’ll Stand By You here:

Though, when someone does such an amazing job on the show, sometimes fans don’t think they need the votes and we get surprised by the American Idol vote. Did you vote for Pia Toscano? Or do you like Haley Reinhart better?